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4.48 Psychosis

January 5 – January 12 | $30-$75 | $25 with PROTO Pack | $70 with Premium PROTO Pack

US Premiere

Straight from the Royal Opera House’s sold out run comes the US premiere of a hard-hitting work of opera-theatre. This adaptation of the astonishing final play by Sarah Kane explores a search for love and happiness amidst a struggle with clinical depression and psychosis. Philip Venables’ acclaimed operatic adaptation brings new resonance to the last creative utterances of one of the most courageous British writers of her generation.


p r i s m

January 6 – January 12 | $30-$75 | $25 with PROTO Pack | $70 with Premium PROTO Pack

Rolling World Premiere | NY Premiere

p r i s m is a haunting, kaleidoscopic new work of opera-theatre by Ellen Reid & Roxie Perkins that traverses the elasticity of reality through the eyes of an ill girl.



January 6 – January 12 | $30-$75 | $25 with PROTO Pack | $70 with Premium PROTO Pack

World Premiere 

ThisTree weaves autobiographical storytelling, 8 mm home movies, and Coloff’s signature blend of blues, rock and non-traditional cello playing and singing, supported by an all-female band, to investigate the vantage point of being the last branch on the family tree.


The Infinite Hotel

January 5 – January 12 | $30-$75 | $25 with PROTO Pack | $70 with Premium PROTO Pack

World Premiere 

The Infinite Hotel invites its audience to step inside an elaborate movie making machine. The piece follows five strangers unknowingly co-composing music together over space and time, exploring themes of human interrelatedness and artistic visibility in a profoundly technological culture. 


Pancho Villa From A Safe Distance

January 5 – January 8 | $30-$75 | $25 with PROTO Pack | $70 with Premium PROTO Pack

NY Premiere 

A bilingual cross-border opera about Pancho Villa, the enigmatic general, legendary bandit, and hero of the Mexican Revolution. The piece provides a timely lens into the relationships and overlaps between the communities of Mexico, the United States, and the borderlands.

Train With No Midnight

January 5 – January 13 | $30-$45 | $25 with PROTO Pack

World Premiere 

Singer and writer Joseph Keckler and an intimate musical ensemble lead the audience through a series of vignettes, each like a stop on a late-night train. The text dances between comedy, commentary and communion with a score of smoky pop songs, propulsive invocations, and leaps into the operatic realm.

Stinney: An American Execution

January 12 – January 13 | $30 | $25 with PROTO Pack

Work-in-Progress Concert

Based on the uncontested execution of a fourteen year old black boy in South Carolina in 1944, Stinney: An American Execution examines the small-town fear that exists through racial and social divides and their terrifying consequences.


Work-in-Progress Concert

In this timeless tale, melding western and Eastern sounds, Mila wields black magic vengeance with fatal consequences. His journey to self-acceptance and spiritual transformation has provided guidance to Tibet for a thousand years. 

The Little Death: Vol. 1

January 8 | $25

One night only tribute to Matt Marks featuring his music-theatre work, The Little Death: Vol. 1




of time and place

January 8 | $30


Trinity presents a concert of premieres that embody specific times and places in 19th- 21st century America, embracing forgotten histories, and exploring what has been lost for the sake of ‘progress.'  Works by David T. Little and Ellen Reid.

Join the party at the PROTOTYPE Festival's annual Soirée -- an unforgettable evening celebrating the artists who've led us over six groundbreaking years. Throw back a glass, mingle with the talent, and join us for an intimate evening on the Hudson River at City Vineyard on January 9th, 2019!