PROTOTYPE Conversations 2015

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About the Show

We are pleased to offer a series of substantive conversations, panels and talkbacks, with pioneering artists and visionary leaders in the opera-theatre and music-theatre world. 

The Power of the Collective Voice

January 10 following the 3pm showing of Toxic Psalms 
St. Ann’s Warehouse 

The Power of the Collective Voice will feature vocal theatre innovator Karmina Šilec with other special guests discussing the collective voice as the ultimate shared human experience.

Southern Gothic 

January 13 after the 8pm showing of Winter's Child
Trinity Church St. Paul’s Chapel

Southern Gothic will convene the contemporary composers and librettists featured in prototype who have created works steeped in the Southern Gothic aesthetic to discuss the unique experience of creating opera and music-theatre in this realm.

Hybrid Storytelling in Opera

January 14 after the 7pm showing of The Scarlet Ibis
HERE Mainstage 

Hybrid Storytelling in Opera will feature members of The Scarlet Ibis creative team joined by a panel of guest speakers discussing the use of innovative storytelling techniques in contemporary opera.

The Sonic Subconscious

January 17 after the 2:30 pm showing of Sunken Cathedral
La MaMa First Floor Theater 

The Sonic Subconscious will feature Sunken Cathedral lead artist and TED Fellow Bora Yoon along with guest panelists exploring the relationship between sound, psychology, and space.


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