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“Now in its third season, Prototype Festival, co-produced by HERE and Beth Morrison Projects, has become a major leader in opera theater for the twenty-first century.”
— Opera News, January 2015

“Vibrantly theatrical, genre-blurring, unusual in its techniques, eclectic in its musical style and politically charged.”
— The New York Times, January 2015

— The Wall Street Journal, January 2015

“Bracingly innovative...a point of reference.”
— The New York Times, January 2015

— Rolling Stone, January 2015

“A celebration of all things avant-garde and progressive in music, theater, and art.”
— Newsweek, January 2015

— The New York Times, January 2015

“HERE and Beth Morrison Projects prove that thrilling opera continues to bloom.”
— Time Out New York, December 2014

“Suddenly indispensable. ”
— The New Yorker, December 2014

“No one will accuse the composers participating in the Prototype Festival—which, in mid-January, presented half a dozen new operatic pieces around New York—of ignoring contemporary reality. Happily, Prototype offered musical vitality alongside social pertinence.”
— The New Yorker, February 2014

“The recent demise of New York City Opera has been widely, and fittingly, lamented, yet in an eleven-day period Prototype managed to uncover more new work of substance than City Opera was able to do in the past decade or more.”
— The New Yorker, February 2014

“[Paul's Case] ... a worthy piece — one that shows sharp insight into how music can illuminate drama. ”
— Opera News, January 2014

“Timidity is not a problem for Prototype’s trio of founding producers, Kristin Marting, Beth Morrison, and Kim Whitener. In its second season, the twelve-day festival found the crevices in New York’s underground opera life and filled them with inventive shows and intrepid audiences.”
— New York Magazine, January 2014

“The best things come in small (but experimental and thought-provoking) packages.”
— Wall Street Journal, January 2014

“Innovative new operas and offbeat musical-theater works.”
— The New York Times, January 2014

“A fertile breeding ground for interesting new work.”
— The Washington Post, January 2014

“If the subject matter is grim, the surge of small-scale, multimedia “indie” opera is full of hope.”
— New York Magazine, January 2014

“The New York City showcase for new opera and theater. ... Intriguing new works.”
— New York Classical Review, January 2014

“I attended all of them and was extremely glad I did, except for not being able to rid myself of bittersweet feelings over the irony that thanks in large part to this festival, the 2013-14 concert season, which also witnessed the demise of New York City Opera, felt like NYC’s most vital one for new opera in years.”
— New Music Box, January 2014

“An intriguing mix of musical theatre and opera.”
— LuckyGirl MEDIA, January 2014

“When you think of classical, operatic chamber music, you're probably picturing something permanently relegated to the seventeenth century. But that's sure to change after seeing this year's lineup at the Prototype Festival.”
— StageBuddy, January 2014

“An ambitious enticing menu.”
— The New York Times, January 2014

“The first gathering of new-music dramas, an extravaganza of lyrical and high-tech miniatures, set to be an annual event, showed how much life there is in New York’s underground opera scene.”
— New York Magazine, January 2014

“Opera and musical-theater jubilee...a sudden explosion of great new chamber works.”
— Time Out New York, December 2013

“They're not worrying about mythology, they're worrying about what's going on right now. ... It reminds me of the DIY movement and hacker spaces.”
— SoundNotion, November 2013

“Like many operavores, you may want something fresh and more adventurous in your opera diet. If that is the case, horizons have expanded for you with the likes of Prototype.”
— Passport Magazine, September 2013

“Pay attention: a new body of work is on the brink of exploding out of New York and onto the national scene, as an exciting new generation of composers and collaborators focus on the creation of chamber-sized theatre works in new and unique ways. PROTOTYPE is at the forefront of the movement, showcasing these works for new audiences and presenters alike — and David Little is one of its most pioneering, consistently groundbreaking voices.”
— Exit Strata, February 2013

“PROTOTYPE Opera/Theatre/Now is just the sort of creative emergence we love at Exit Strata — a space in which there is no question that it’s time to do away with any remnant associations between classical music and anything stodgy or antiquated. ”
— Exit Strata, February 2013

“The contemporary mini music drama has found its impresarios in Kristin ­Marting, Beth Morrison, and Kim Whitener. They’re the nimble founders of ­Prototype, a pop-up festival that should quickly evolve into a New York institution. Armed with a jaunty slogan—“Opera/Theater/Now!”—the producers managed to pull off 29 performances of five premieres in three venues this past week. Audiences materialized too. ”
— New York Magazine, January 2013

“The inaugural Prototype Festival provides a welcome home for black box-style opera performances from some of the art form’s emerging lights... The festival shows its producers’ talent for matching composers, directors and designers to create engaging interdisciplinary works.”
— The Star-Ledger, January 2013

“A wildly promising new opera and music-theatre festival.”
— The New York Times, September 2012

“A hothouse designed to foster fresh work.”
— Time Out New York, January 2012

“A new festival featuring music-theater premieres, but in completed, ready-to-tour productions rather than Vox’s more workshop style.”
— The New York Times, January 2012

“A New Music Festival Downtown to Offer Fresh Sounds and Words”
— The New York Times, January 2012



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